We offer IT advisory services and developer services for SQL platforms, including Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. We can provide complete services from design to project management, application development and training.

Our experience with more than 20 database management systems (DBMS) includes a dozen SQL DBMS. API expertise includes JDBC, ODBC, OCI, ESQL, CT-Library, ADO.NET, OLE DB and other APIs, using Java, Eclipse, C++, C, Visual Basic, PL/SQL, Transact-SQL, PHP, SPL, Powerbuilder, SQLWindows, Team Developer, ObjectView, Actor, Visual AppBuilder, COBOL, FORTRAN.

Our experience has been that database-enabled projects benefit from a thorough approach to analysis and design. This puts a premium on formal modeling as a precursor to development of schemas, queries stored procedures and application code.

Our modeling process is a progression of developing a conceptual model, followed by a logical model used to generate the database schema (SQL DDL). The process includes identifying use cases, capturing and validating business rules, verbalizing facts (expressing constraints, cardinality, n-ary associations and so on).